The consultancy provides expert advice on all aspects of land use and management and we have experience of dealing with the various stages of planning, design and management of land taking into account both UK and European legislation. We undertake research projects, develop nature conservation solutions for local authorities and developers, identify constraints to developments and provide both short and long-term solutions to a wide range of sites. We also give evidence at major public inquiries identifying impacts and producing mitigation solutions including proposals for alternative pollution treatment, translocation of protected species and habitat compensation measures.

Urban, suburban and rural habitats. Initial site inspection and habitat mapping. Advice on legal requirements and further survey work only when absolutely necessary. Setting analysis and land use for leisure and access, wildlife and conservation. Detailed Habitat and species identification using appropriate methodologies. Survey analysis according to both UK and European legislation.

Assessment of likely effects of development proposals on flora and fauna including advice on planning policies and legislation associated with ecology appropriate to both UK and European legislation. EcIA and PEA. Advice on mitigation including ecological compensation and enhancement. Expert advice at public inquiries.

Technical advice on management of land and natural resources, habitats and species. Management plans and strategies including Countryside Stewardship Schemes and other grant schemes. Contract preparation, cost estimation and contract supervision.

Advice on UK and European legislation associated with designated sites and protected species. Formulation of environmental strategies, state of the environment reports and advice on national planning policy framework for nature conservation.

Production of Breeam reports for ecology including site inspection reports. Providing information necessary for achieving credit scores related to the development both pre and post construction in accordance with the relevant Building Research Establishment Guidance as well as guidance on species and habitat solutions available to increase scores where possible.

Many of our projects require long-term management to ensure that biodiversity enhancement is successful in the perpetuity. Our projects include a wide range of scenarios including large country estates, public parks, university and school grounds, small and large-scale housing developments and private gardens. We provide on site advice including ecological clerk of works as well as development of detailed prescriptions for future management.